The only German-language technical/scientific magazine in the field of extraction, processing and application of natural gas and oil, petrochemistry, deep geothermal energy and conversion of carbon carriers. ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE (EEK) is published monthly,  and in July/August with a double issue.

ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE (EEK) will appear in its 136th volume in 2020! and is the official publication organ of the German Scientific Society for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal - DGMK and the Austrian Society for Petroleum Sciences - ÖGEW.

ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE (EEK) offers in each issue a balanced range of topics from

  • prospecting and extraction of crude oil and natural gas
  • preparation and processing of crude oil and natural gas
  • application of mineral oil products
  • petrochemicals
  • deep geothermal energy, up to
  • conversion of carbon carriers.

The magazine also offers an up-to-date, comprehensive information and news section, including reports on current products and services in the industry, event reports and a calendar of events.