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  • OIL GAS European Magazine is a technical journal, published quarterly featuring original articles on topics of international importance for the oil and natural gas industry up- und downstream as well as concise, up-to-date reports covering projects, technical developments, special events, etc.  Contents of recent issues (1-2003 - 4-2014), current volume.
  • The journal was established in the early 70's as the international edition of the well recognized German monthly ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE (OIL GAS CARBON).
  • OIL GAS European Magazine reaches the decision-makers in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries and is distributed mainly in Western and Central Europe but also in the Middle and Far East areas.
  • Authors, considering to publish in OIL GAS European Magazine may want to consult the leads for authors page.
  • Annual subscription for 2015 is EUR 120.00 incl. postage within Europe. For Germany, it is EUR 120.70.
  • For further information please push the @ button.
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